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For over 25 years Premier Consultants has been working with some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious companies, providing them with great people for their businesses, across a wide range of industries. Our recruiting successes encompass marketers, buyers, data scientists, e-commerce executives and analysts, merchandisers, client service team and other key head office positions.

We're a team of highly experienced recruitment professionals who have years of experience of identifying what is a well-presented cv. We know what is required to make your CV stand out and just as importantly what is not required. We also know how to make your CV be acknowledged and actioned by automatic recruitment tracking systems! We take the time to consult with you personally, research your history, understand your skills, then work together in developing perfectly worded CV, ensuring every sentence adds tangible value, focussing on transferable skills.
In addition, we also recognise the value of preparation for your interview, so will also provide you with key preparation tips, for both face to face and video interviews thus ensuring you have all the tools necessary to compete in these challenging times.
The price for this service is £89.00 +VAT, and £49.00 +VAT for the Under 25s, which includes the telephone or video consultation and a free Information Sheet on how to prepare for interviews.
Whilst you are working and are stationed at home and keen to take a proactive step towards your next career move, this is the ideal time for you to make contact with us.
For more information and an initial conversation about this service please call Antony Perry on 020 8995 9992 or email him at antony@premcons.com

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