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Continue or Curtail Content: Is A Bad Blog Better Than No Blog?

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I was reminded by our Marketing and Social Media team member to write my blog for inclusion on the Premier Consultants website. I told her that in fact I had indeed written two pieces for it but didn’t think they were particularly good or of interest, so hadn’t published them! We then started talking and it brought us to this dilemma: is it better to post something not particularly engaging or nothing at all?

I follow a number of industry leaders and ‘gurus’ as well as read a lot of content from other contributors across marketing, ecommerce and recruitment sectors. A number are able to write sensible and engaging pieces on a regular basis. There are also a fair few whose articles are either rehashed content or short ‘How To’ pieces that have been done to death over several years. Needless to say, one person’s idea of what is ‘engaging’ might differ to another’s.

The argument for posting a blog on a regular basis is that it maintains engagement, keeps you or your brand front of mind and can lead to new clients. No blog means that you (or your brand) becomes quickly forgotten and this lack of engagement can quickly lead to disinterest from previous readers who have simply moved on to people who write more regularly.

So, is it worth putting something un-engaging or irrelevant to keep your name out there, or not? Thinking differently about this dilemma for a moment, would you rather hear music from a bad busker on the tube or no music on your commute home; would you rather a poor bus service in a small town over none at all?

We concluded that it is better to have something even if it is not that good rather than nothing at all – at least it gives you something. What do you think?