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Celebrating 25 years of Premier Consultants

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This month marks the anniversary of the founding of Premier Consultants. In March 1992 Antony Perry left a reasonably well paid job, working for a recruitment company to start out on his own. He started working from his flat in Battersea recruiting buyers. The philosophy of the business has remained the same since its inception, namely to provide a high quality recruitment service to a small number of businesses in distinct industry sectors.


The Recruitment industry has changed radically in 25 years. In 1992 Recruiters worked with their clients, specialising in broad disciplines e.g. marketing, buying, accountancy etc. The Internet was in its infancy and contact with candidates and clients was either via the phone, letter or the relatively new-fangled (at the time) fax machine. Consultants worked on a plethora of briefs, advertising their roles in the trade press, getting up to 120 responses (in the post) per week. Relevant candidates would be called, either at home in the evening or at work (mobiles were only just becoming mainstream back then and not everyone had one!), face to face interviews were arranged and after an hour the candidate would be adjudged suitable and relevant and to accompany the CV submission, a long candidate report would be presented by the consultant. A candidate would then be subject to a series of interviews with the client and the consultant would assist with the offer.


In practice, apart from the delivery of information, nothing in regards to the process has changed, however the landscape in which we, as consultants, operate in has. Firstly the Internet has completely changed the landscape of resourcing and talent acquisition. There is now a plethora of resources from which to choose from when looking for candidates. Equally candidates now have an often confusing choice of deciding which Job Board to post their CV on, which consultancy to register their details with. LinkedIn, which began operations in 2004, is now a ‘repository’ of business peoples’ profiles and for recruiters is a valuable resource in terms of identifying potential candidates for their jobs. Recruitment is now part sales, part coach, and part business consultancy. It is not, and in the view of Premier Consultants never been about, throwing CVs to a client and seeing what sticks. We know that the role of an external recruiter has changed and that small elements in recruitment can be the difference from a successful placement to one not happening. We also believe that the role of a Recruitment Consultancy is not just about filling vacancies but genuinely partnering with clients and advising them on the best approach to recruit, which is why we have broadened our offering to include advice and practical assistance in how to attract the best talent, exploiting the Internet and its offerings to drive candidate engagement, assist in the process and advise and offer a range of services to ensure a business is following best practice and compete in a marketplace where there will be inevitable skills shortages post Brexit.


Looking into the future at the next 25 years there is no doubt the world of work will continue to radically evolve.  People will work longer, they will be less mobile and technology and automation will see certain jobs disappear. The role of the ‘broker’, third party, wholesaler and external recruiter will inevitably have to adapt as technology allows the supplier to interact directly with the consumer. Individuals will not spend their life working for one company, or indeed specialise in a particular area but will have ‘portfolio’ careers – doing several things, generating income. Exciting for some but for others it will cause stress and worry.


Premier Consultants is already preparing for the future and we hope we can look back in 25 years at this, our anniversary year and comment on the next 25 years after that!