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Working From Home – The Impact On Recruitment

A lot has been written about working from home over the year and with all restrictions on the verge of being lifted, there is a lot of anticipation of the impact of the long-term impact of coronavirus, especially in regards to the working environment and how it will affect work.

It was reported today (17th June 2021) that the government is considering legislation to enshrine in law the right to work from home. Clearly this will require a lot of thought and exemptions (for instance a bus driver can hardly work from home) but the thinking is that employers will have to show it was essential for employees to attend the workplace.

Russell White from Premier Consultants features in The Tightrope Podcast.

Russ recounts his considerable success placing professional talent in executive roles in United Kingdom and European Union companies, and, offers his surprisingly positive post-Brexit outlook for people seeking work.

Listen to the podcasr here: https://dansmolen.com/2020/01/17/londoner/

Premier Consultants are proud sponsors of Prestige World Ride

Premier Consultants are proud sponsors of 23 year old Alex Clark who is on a mission to circumnavigate the world by bike.

Alex is a graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London who spent time working in recruitment before deciding the time was right to pursue his dream and attempt a solo circumnavigation in 290 days; taking in 23 countries.

Celebrating 25 years of Premier Consultants

This month marks the anniversary of the founding of Premier Consultants. In March 1992 Antony Perry left a reasonably well paid job, working for a recruitment company to start out on his own. He started working from his flat in Battersea recruiting buyers. The philosophy of the business has remained the same since its inception, namely to provide a high quality recruitment service to a small number of businesses in distinct industry sectors.


10 Things To Remember When Being Interviewed via Skype

Skype is now over 10 years old and allows people to interact via video and voice. It operates over the Internet so consequently people can ‘meet’ over long distances. It has been extensively used by recruiters for several years (myself included) and is a great tool to get a feel for an individual, see what they are like and get an understanding of their fit and suitability for a particular role. However there are certain elements that an interviewee should be wary of – the points here are based on the numerous Skype interviews and experiences I have had over the years using Skype.


Writing A CV

A Curriculum Vitae or CV is summarised as a chronological summary of your academic awards and work experience. The ultimate goal of a CV is to get you an interview for the job you have applied for! Nothing more nothing less! There are many different styles and formats and as a Recruitment Consultant I have seen the good, bad and ugly! This article will help you to create a CV that will get you noticed as well as help avoid some of the pitfalls and common mistakes I regularly see!


Is LinkedIn in Terminal Decline?

It was reported in the Financial Times on 30th April 2015 that LinkedIn’s results will not meet their anticipated revenues and that the value of the company has fallen by $8bn. LinkedIn also reported adjusted earnings for the year of $1.90 per share, considerably less than the $3.03 that had been anticipated.  Equally its net loss also increased compared to the similar quarter last year.  So is LinkedIn in terminal decline or is this just a temporary blip?


Continue or Curtail Content: Is A Bad Blog Better Than No Blog?

I was reminded by our Marketing and Social Media team member to write my blog for inclusion on the Premier Consultants website. I told her that in fact I had indeed written two pieces for it but didn’t think they were particularly good or of interest, so hadn’t published them! We then started talking and it brought us to this dilemma: is it better to post something not particularly engaging or nothing at all?